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Virtual Walk was designed and created by partners ProRank IT Consultants ProRank has more than 15 years experience building and creating amazing financially secure websites. ProRank IT Consultants has become a leader in it's field, specializing in search engine optimization as well as online marketing.

Virtual Walk is becoming a major on-line site for advertisers. Currently Virtual Walk has many advertising businesses and growing daily. We're currently looking for a private investor, or an investor interested in helping us create a shares program with Virtual Walk. We will be implementing our concept to each and every province across Canada, in hopes of eventually adding North America. Public response to Virtual Walk has been amazing.

The Virtual Walk concept has been recognized by businesses we've contacted. With an  average of 80% success rate of businesses contacted by Virtual Walk. Businesses have shown interest and enthusiasm in this new concept of advertising.  Not only does Virtual Walk help advertising businesses, it promotes tourism. We're looking for investors interested in taking Virtual Walk to higher levels at a faster pace. In the last year Virtual Walk's members and visitors has more than tripled.

Interested investors contact. 

Steve Davidson 

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