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A very important part of Virtual Walk is our Virtual Walk business listings. If you have a business in Ontario we'd be more than happy to have you add your business to your city or town. For a limited time you can add a standard listing of your business FREE and here's how you do that. First and foremost you must become a member of Virtual Walk. Become a member . Then to add your business you must verify your e-mail from the notice you receive in your mailbox. Log into Virtual Walk and add your business. It's as easy as that. If you want more than just a standard listing check our upgrade options for a bigger more informative listing with more images, videos or banners.

Know your Ontario cities and towns and what's available in each one through Virtual Walk. In Virtual Walk you'll find information such as accommodations, charity organizations, sports and recreation, dentists etc. Find an explanation as to what's on each page below.


Accommodations: Here it tells you all the hotels, motels and Bed and Breakfast accommodations in that city or town. All accommodation owners are allowed to add their business to our Virtual Walk business page, where they can describe their business in detail as well as add a picture. Add Your Business

Charity Organizations: Find out about all the charity organizations such as, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, girl guides and scouts. We also list all the annual charity events and information required about any charity in that city or town.

Coming Events: Each city or town has their own either annual or coming events on Virtual Walk we list all the annual coming events and allow any organization to add their coming events to this page, making it easier for people to find what's going on in that city or town. Coming events is more a quick reference for events happening in that city or town. Whether it's a charity event, sports event or city or town event this page is a quick reference without having to go through all the pages trying to find what event is coming next. Add your coming event

Contractors: This page describes all the plumbers, building contractors, automobile repair shops and heating and air conditioning repairs. Here as well the businesses have the opportunity to add their business to our Virtual Walk business page, where they can describe their business in detail as well as add a picture. Add Your Business

Demographics: This gives you an idea of how many people in the city or town is female and how many are male, tells you what kind of dwelling they live in and other information such as where they work, what kind of work they do and what amount on the average is the household income in that city or town.

Dentists: This is basically what it says all the dentists in the Ontario city or town. We have also added all the denture clinics available. If it's related to dental it's on the Dental page.

Dining Restaurants: For those who dine out or eat out at all this page lists all the places there is to eat in the city or town your checking. We have fine dining, casual dining, take-out, all different types of foods as well as all the fast food places like McDonalds and A&W. Any or all of the businesses on the dining restaurants page are welcome to add their business to Virtual Walks business section where you can explain everything there is to know about your establishment and what's available there. Add Your Business

Doctors: This page is devoted to all doctors in the city or town your looking at. We have doctors who specialize in a certain type of medicine as well as chiropractors. We urge our doctors to let us know if they're accepting new patients to make it much easier for patients looking for a family doctor.

Education: We have listed starting with nursery and preschool right up to and including all University, community colleges and any other further education facilities. If it's anything to do with education it's on this page.

Entertainment: Here we like to have everything there is to do in the entertainment line in the cities and towns in Ontario. We add all the yearly entertainment events put on by the city or town. There's entertainment such as museums, fairs, art centre's, casino's, places of interest and so many other entertainment activities you probably didn't know they had. If it's entertainment it's on Virtual Walk. Add Your Business

Famous Residents: You would not believe the famous residents born in Ontario. This page lists all the famous residents born in one of Ontario's cities or towns. If you know of a famous resident born in your city or town Contact Us we'd be glad to add them.

Have Your Say: Do you have something good to say about your Ontario city or town or something you'd like to complain about? Let everyone else know by adding your comments on the have your say page for your city/town or general have your say. Have your say here

Health & Medical: This is a very important page for any city or town. On the health and medical page we have all the information for the nearest hospitals, all medical clinics, seniors residents and long term care facilities.

History Geography: Know the history of your Ontario city or town, find out who was the first residents. Know all there is to know about the history and geography of your Ontario city or town.

Industry Economy: What industries or manufactures are available in your Ontario city or town? This page tells you about the industries and manufacturing companies that help build the economy of your Ontario city or town. Add Your Business

Lawyers: This page lists all the lawyers available in our Ontario cities and towns. The lawyers are listed by name and phone number only not by they type of law they practice. All lawyers are welcome to add their law firm to Virtual Walks business listing, in turn allowing everyone to know what type of law your firm specializes in. Add Your Business

Moving to: This is a great page it gives you all the information you need to know about the Ontario city or town. On this page you'll find police and fire departments general number, all government numbers for that city or town as well as all government of Ontario numbers, hydro cable telephone gas, post offices and so much more. This page has things you need to know when your moving to that Ontario city or town. If we're missing something let us know.  Contact Us

Places of Worship: This page lists all the places of worship in your Ontario city or town.

Shopping: This page has all the shopping centres, shopping plazas and individual stores available in your Ontario city or town. We'd like to invite every store to list their business individually so that everyone knows what you sell and where your located. Add Your Business

Sports/ Recreation: Each and every city and town in Ontario has sports, whether it's kids sports or adult sports it's available. This page makes it easier for you to find all the sports and sporting events available in your Ontario city or town. We list all the annual sporting events all the summer and winter sports. Anything related to sports and recreation is listed on this page. If we don't have your sport, sporting event or recreational event on this page Contact Us to be sure we have all the sports and recreation in your Ontario city or town.

Vets and Pets: This page gives you all the veterinarians in your Ontario city or town as well as groomers, pet shops and any other related pet facilities. This is also a page where pet stores, groomers and veterinarians are welcome to add their business in full detail making it much easier for pet owners to know where to go.

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