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Places of Worship

Places of Worship Waterloo
Your Place of worship can be large and grandeur or small warm and inviting. There's many different forms of religion and different structures we worship in but still comes down to the same thing, there's a higher form of spiritual being that guides us through our lives. When we step inside a Place of Worship we leave the world behind and rely on our higher being to listen when we need help, hear us when we thank him for wonderful miracles or just prayers being answered. A place of Worship is not a place we use for gimme prayers, speaking to our spiritual being only when we need something. Wake-up in the morning and thank God because you're alive to another wonderful day. When you close your eyes at night thank your God for carrying you through another day whether good or bad. We all know our God has a reason for everything he does. When we're sick and think "why me" remember there's always someone worse than you.

All Saints Anglican Church
685 Highpoint Ave
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2V 1G7
Bethel Chapel
16 Laurel St
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 2H2
Chinese Alliance
Church K-W
612 Erb W
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 3Z4
Christ The Saviour Antiochian
Orthodox Church (English)
96 Dunbar Road S
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2L 2E5
Christian Fellowship Church
315 Northlake Dr
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2V 1W5
Church Of God (German)
170 Middlebury Dr
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2T 2M5
Christ Lutheran Church
445 Anndale Road
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2K 2E3
Church Of Christ
470 Glenelm Cres
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2L 5C8
Church of The Holy Saviour
33 Allen Street E
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 1J1
Creekside Church
660 Conservation Dr
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 3Z4
Emmanuel United
Church Of Canada
22 Bridgeport Rd W
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2L 2Y3
Erb St. Mennonite
131 Erb Street W
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2L 1T7
First Baptist Church
306 Erb Street W
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 1W3
First United Church
16 William St W
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 1J3
German Gospel Church
223 Union St E
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 1E1
Glen Acres Baptist
223 Hartwood Ave
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 1B2
Jehovah's Witnesses
185 Swallow St
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2V 1R2
Knox Presbyterian Church
50 Erb Street W
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2L 1T1
K W Islamic Assoc
334 Concordia Cres
Waterloo, Ontario
N2K 2M3
Messiah Lutheran Church
700 Glen Forrest Blvd
N2L 4K6
Lincoln Heights Evangelical
Missionary Church
289 Lincoln Road
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 2P6
Maranatha Lutheran
177 Albert St
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3T4
Mount Zion Lutheran
29 Westmount Rd S
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2L 2K4
Northside Baptist Church
1373 Lobsinger Line
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 4G8
Muslim Society Of Waterloo
213B Erb Street W
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 1V6
Our Lady Of Lourdes
173 Lourdes Street
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 1N5
Parkminster United Church
275 Erb Street E
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 1N6
Redeemer Lutheran Church
78 John Street W
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2L 1B8
St Agnes Rectory
75 Bluevale St N
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 3R7
St Columba's Anglican
250 Lincoln Road
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 2P5
St George Serbian
Orthodox Church
665 King St N
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 4G8
Trinity Evangelical
Missionary Church
330 Conservation Dr
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2V 2E8
St John's Lutheran
22 Willow St
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 1V5
St Louis Rectory
53 Allen St E
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 1J3
St Michael's Church
University W
Waterloo, Ontario 
Vision Ministries Canada
145 Lincoln Rd
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 2N8
W-K United Mennonite
15 George St
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 1K6
Westminster United Church
543 Beechwood Dr
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 3Z4
Waterloo Christian
Reformed Church
209 Bearinger
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2L 4H5
Waterloo Mennonite
Brethren Church
245 Lexington Rd
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2K 2E1
Waterloo North
Mennonite Church
100 Benjamin Rd
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 3Z4
Waterloo North
685 Highpoint Ave
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2V 1G7
Waterloo Pentecostal
395 King Street N
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2J 2Z4
World Outreach
50 Northland Rd
Waterloo, Ontario 
N2V 1N3

If we've unintentionally missed your Place of Worship
 Contact Us we'll gladly add it.

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